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admin | Feb 18, 2022
Jamie Dornan And Caitríona Balfe Confess Their Strangest Fan Encounters To Each Other

The ‘Belfast’ co-stars played a game of Knowing Me, Knowing You with ELLE UK.

Hollywood’s biggest stars are used to meeting fans, taking selfies and signing autographs while in public. But the dentist’s chair is probably the last place Belfast star Caitríona Balfe thought she’d meet an admirer.

The Outlander actor and her Belfast co-star Jamie Dornan recently sat down to play a game of Knowing Me, Knowing You with ELLE UK testing their knowledge of the cast of the Oscar-nominated film, and confessed their most bizarre fan encounters to each other.

‘I was getting put under for a dental procedure and the anaesthesiologist was a massive, massive Outlander fan. She came with a cup, and then started to sing the theme tune to me as I was going under. So that was definitely a strange experience,’ Balfe said.

‘That’s terrifying!’ replied Dornan, who asked if the anaesthesiologist took photographs of her, with her mug, while she was going under sedation. ‘Probably,’ joked Balfe.

Dornan also recalled moments when he’s bumped into his fans who have a fortune to follow him around the world.

‘I’ve had very committed fans who seemingly pay a lot of money to travel around the world to see where I’ve ended up,’ he shared. ‘And I’m like “wow, you’re here in New Orleans”. “Wow, you’re here in Berlin… you’re everywhere. Not in a freaky way, just in a very supportive way and I appreciate it.’

Elsewhere in the game the pair guessed who had previously been a runway mode for Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Victoria’s Secret (Balfe), who’d rapped with Lethal Bizzle (Judi Dench) and who once starred in Hollyoaks (Gerard McCarthy).

Balfe also correctly guessed that it was Dornan who used to live with Eddie Redmayne early on in the pair’s careers, while they were trying to find their break in Hollywood.

Over the years Dornan and the Oscar winner have spoken about the British pack of young actors living in Los Angeles at the time, which included Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson.

Recalling practising lines with Garfield, Dornan told us: ‘I brought this up to Garfield recently and he doesn’t remember it this way, but I always thought when you were making self tapes with Andrew and he would be reading with you, he’d often purposely give you very little back to try to get more of a performance out of you.

‘Maybe he just did that with me… I feel like the more I gave, the less he gave back but I understand he was probably trying to help me. But he denies it.’

As for how Balfe and Dornan passed the time in lockdown, Balfe flexed her drawing skills while Dornan recently remembered that he’d signed up to an online harmonica class.

‘I think I did like half a lesson,’ he laughed. ‘And then I hadn’t told my wife about it, and I mentioned it to her weirdly this week. I said, “Jesus, I just remembered. I signed up for an online harmonic course.” And she said, “No, you didn’t.” I said, “I did!” And I looked it up, and the saddest thing was, I signed up for it on my birthday in 2020. [Source]

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