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admin | Jun 03, 2022
Caitriona Balfe Urges N.Y. Lawmakers to Pass Fashion Workers Act to Protect Models

The ‘Outlander’ star and former model speaks out on a proposed state bill that would reform modeling agencies, creating, she says, “basic protections for fashion’s creative workforce.”

Long before I started acting, I spent almost 10 years working as a fashion model. I walked the runways of brands such as Victoria’s Secret and the fashion houses of Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Chanel and many others. But despite my success, I still experienced the detriments of working in a largely unregulated industry, like not getting paid on time, if at all. Everything changed when I became an actor, but it’s still the same grind in fashion — and worse.

On the surface, acting and modeling have a nearly identical business structure: Agencies book gigs on your behalf as talent. Why, then, do these two industries have totally different responsibilities to their creative workforces?

Well, for one thing, fashion is an industry largely made up of young women and girls. To many, the labor of models is not seen as “work” but rather the benefits of winning a genetic lottery. So, models are perceived as being privileged, with no talent or skill, and therefore unworthy of basic protections or even empathy. That’s contrasted with actors who are seen as talented — and even get an entire, widely televised awards season celebrating those talents — on top of the protections they enjoy from being part of a heavily unionized workforce.

But the real issue here is that many modeling agencies have created and benefited from a system in which they take zero responsibility for advancing a model’s career or financial interests, but yet they dictate terms for those models. That’s vastly different to the relationship I’ve experienced with my agency as an actor.

Unlike talent agencies, which are considered employment agencies, modeling agencies are instead classified as “management companies.” Many contracts hand over “power of attorney” to modeling agencies, allowing them to accept payments and negotiate pay rate on behalf of the model without her knowledge; deposit checks and deduct unexplained expenses on top of a hearty commission; force models and creatives to sign multiyear, exclusive contracts that auto-renew, without any obligation to book them jobs; and they even can give third parties permission to use a model’s image or collect royalties without having to pay the model for that usage.
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admin | Mar 31, 2022
Caitriona Balfe Says Her 2022 Oscars Look Was Inspired by Cristóbal Balenciaga With “a Touch of Grace Kelly”

She also paired the retro ensemble with a Van Cleef & Arpels necklace from 1957.

When selecting her gown for the 2022 Oscars, Caitriona Balfe looked to the past for inspiration, taking her styling cues from one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood history: Grace Kelly.

The Belfast star managed to perfectly capture the aesthetic of silver screen sirens of yesteryear in a custom white column dress by Louis Vuitton featuring bejeweled straps and a peplum that descended into a ruffled train. She completed the look with a Van Cleef & Arpels heritage necklace, as well as diamond earrings, a bracelet, and a ring from the brand. Balfe explained to Vanity Fair that, “The inspiration for tonight’s look was 1950s and ‘60s Cristobal Balenciaga creations.” It was during this time period that late couturier became synonymous with gowns designed to showcase a woman’s figure in unique ways, relying on large prints or enveloping the body in columns to abstract the silhouette. She added that she specifically “wanted Nicolas [Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s creative director] to play with that.”

Balfe was enamored with the final look the designer came up with, but noted that her favorite aspect was “how this beautiful silk taffeta back met with the crystal straps and flowed out in to this beautiful architectural train.” But, of course, no Academy Awards ensemble would be complete without some jaw-dropping pieces of jewelry to go with it. The actor’s heritage Van Cleef & Arpels necklace was a particular standout as she pointed out that it’s “a beautiful statement piece from 1957. It just fit so perfectly with my inspiration of ’50s Balenciaga with a touch of Grace Kelly and we accented it with gorgeous diamond earrings, bracelet and ring.”
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admin | Mar 09, 2022
Caitriona Balfe’s Outlander Transformation Takes More Wigs Than You Think

Ahead of the Starz show’s long-awaited season six premiere, the Irish actor talks time-bending hair extensions, ‘60s makeup, and age-validating sex scenes.

For nearly a year of my life, I started each day by staring at Caitriona Balfe. More accurately, it was a floor-to-near-ceiling photo of Balfe, a print from an early-aughts Harper’s Bazaar editorial shoot. Propped right in front of the magazine’s office doors, she (silently) greeted me every morning during my time there as an editor. Although the Irish actor and former model’s face has been familiar to me and the fashion world for years, Balfe is now becoming an American household name. Recently, she’s co-starred in Oscar-nominated films such as Ford v Ferrari and Belfast, last year’s sweeping tale of the violent religiopolitical clash in 1990s Northern Ireland. But Balfe is most well known for her starring role in Starz’s smash drama Outlander, based on the best-selling romance series of the same name by Diana Gabaldon. Balfe plays Claire, a World War II nurse who accidentally time-travels from 1948 to Scotland’s bloody revolution — that’s 200 years into the past, give or take.

Fast forward to 2022, and I’m staring at Balfe once more — this time, on a Zoom call ahead of the March 6 premiere of Outlander’s long-awaited sixth season. For the first time, Balfe smiles back at me and gives me the rundown on the show’s extravagant wigs, age-inclusive romance, and what it’s like to age ten years each morning before work.

In Balfe’s on-set age transformation, little tweaks go a long way.

“It’s not jarring, usually. Not until you see it on screen,” says Balfe of the cosmetic aging process that hair and makeup artist Kerry Skelton has used to make Balfe (age 42) appear to be in her mid-fifties for the past two seasons. The show’s frequent flashbacks often roll back the clock on Claire’s appearance — or are they flashforwards? Time isn’t linear in the Outlander universe — the series’ sixth chapter picks up right before the start of the Revolutionary War, with Claire more visibly in middle-age.

“[Skelton] is amazing, and she has these magic little tricks that she does that highlight the things that [make you look older],” Balfe says, noting that the transformation doesn’t solely benefit the viewer. “Anything that can bring you closer to the character and remove your ego in the process is a good thing when you’re an actor. I relish the opportunity that we get to tell this story of a woman over this expanse of decades in her life.”
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admin | Mar 01, 2022
‘Outlander’ Season 6: Caitríona Balfe And Sam Heughan Tease Rocky Road Ahead For Claire & Jamie

Starz celebrated the Season 6 premiere of Outlander on Thursday with series stars Caitríona Balfe and her small-screen love Sam Heughan in Los Angeles and London, respectively. Which is par for the course for the two— well, for their characters Claire and Jamie who are often separated by time and space.

Balfe teased where viewers will find Claire in Season 6—based on Diana Gabaldon’s sixth novel from her Outlander series A Breath of Snow and Ashes— during a virtual panel ahead of the show’s March 6 premiere.

“When we first see Claire this season, she’s really—on the surface—trying to put forward this very brave face,” she shared. “Obviously the events of the end of last season were so horrific that it’s not something that anybody gets over. But for Claire, she’s always been this sort of rock for other people, someone who finds it very difficult to ask for help. So when we see her, she’s trying to tell everyone that she’s ok but we see that’s not the case. She’s unraveling and she’s not really willing to admit that to herself.”

She added, “We see that Claire starts to lean on some things she’s been using medically to give herself a little bit of a reprieve from the pain that she’s experiencing.”

Executive producer Matthew B. Roberts also appeared live from L.A. with Balfe, and Heughan was joined by Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, Maril Davis, and Diana Gabaldon for the Q&A across the pond.

“The premiere is very important. It sets the tone for the entire season,” said Roberts. “It’s the first chapter in the book and you want to start that with a bang. Like Diana usually does, we move forward and try to pace the story out.”

He added, “It’s very important to introduce new characters which we do every season as Diana creates new characters… In episode 1, we went backward by going to another book where the Christies are introduced and we need to fill that fans in that don’t know them. So we give them a little bit of a backstory on the Christies, the new villains in town.”
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admin | Feb 18, 2022
Jamie Dornan And Caitríona Balfe Confess Their Strangest Fan Encounters To Each Other

The ‘Belfast’ co-stars played a game of Knowing Me, Knowing You with ELLE UK.

Hollywood’s biggest stars are used to meeting fans, taking selfies and signing autographs while in public. But the dentist’s chair is probably the last place Belfast star Caitríona Balfe thought she’d meet an admirer.

The Outlander actor and her Belfast co-star Jamie Dornan recently sat down to play a game of Knowing Me, Knowing You with ELLE UK testing their knowledge of the cast of the Oscar-nominated film, and confessed their most bizarre fan encounters to each other.

‘I was getting put under for a dental procedure and the anaesthesiologist was a massive, massive Outlander fan. She came with a cup, and then started to sing the theme tune to me as I was going under. So that was definitely a strange experience,’ Balfe said.

‘That’s terrifying!’ replied Dornan, who asked if the anaesthesiologist took photographs of her, with her mug, while she was going under sedation. ‘Probably,’ joked Balfe.
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admin | Jan 28, 2022
Caitriona Balfe Is Enjoying the Film’s ‘Wild Ride’ Through Awards Season

Making Kenneth Branagh’s film was like being ”released into this world of Ken’s imagination,“ the actress said. For the fun to keep going is an added delight.

The plaudits for “Belfast” seem to be endless. They started in September at the Toronto film festival, where Kenneth Branagh’s coming-of-age-movie set in 1969 won the People’s Choice Award. And they’ve kept pouring in ever since, in the form of nominations from dozens of prominent critics groups and guilds. Earlier this month, SAG nominated the “Belfast” cast for best ensemble — in addition to singling out Caitriona Balfe for her impassioned turn as Ma, a no-nonsense mother of two boys caught in the crossfire of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland.

The sustained recognition Balfe has been enjoying has provided an unexpected second act to her “Belfast” experience (all while upping the Oscar buzz). “It’s been such a wild ride,” the actress told TheWrap. “When we started this journey a year ago, we were shooting during the pandemic. We never really knew what was going to become of this film. I think we were just all so focused on the fact we got to be working — and we got to be working on such an amazing project. That was the beauty of it at the time. The fact that it’s just kept going and is having all of these amazing accolades, it just feels really great.”

As Ma, Balfe struggles to hold together her tight-knit family while the Troubles engulf their once peaceful Belfast neighborhood. She cares for her young cinephile son Buddy (Jude Hill) and his older brother Will (Lewis McAskie), often with help from her delightful in-laws (Ciarán Hinds as Pop and Judi Dench as Granny) while her husband (Jamie Dornan) travels to England for work. The film is based on Branagh’s own early life in Northern Ireland, before he and his family moved to England when he was 9 to escape the brewing war. And this, of course, presented Balfe and her fellow actors with a significant responsibility.
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admin | Jan 28, 2022
‘Belfast’ Stars Jamie Dornan, Caitriona Balfe Drew From Personal Experiences to Play a Married Couple Caught in a Tumultuous Time

“We’re going to have a what?” remembers Balfe of taking dance lessons with her onscreen husband. Plus, a look at how five other onscreen marriages are portrayed this awards season.

For Caitríona Balfe and Jamie Dornan, working on Focus Features’ Belfast was unlike anything they’d done before. The actress, who plays Ma in Kenneth Branagh’s film based on his childhood, felt drawn to the story when she saw that the script was focused on ordinary people instead of the politics and ideology of Northern Ireland — which she often sees in projects that come her way. For Dornan, who plays Balfe’s husband, Pa, Belfast was set in his hometown, and he was enticed by the truthful story of a family struggling with crippling decisions, grief and unconditional love.

Plus, they got to work with a cast that included Judi Dench, Ciarán Hinds and 11-year-old newcomer Jude Hill, whom Balfe and Dornan describe as a joy to work with. The duo reveal to THR how much freedom they had in portraying Branagh’s parents onscreen, explain that dancing was the most challenging part of the film, and remember how much rehearsal Dornan had for his “Everlasting Love” rendition — one of his two musical performances last year that took the internet by storm.

How did you get involved with the project?

CAITRíONA BALFE I think I was one of the last of the main actors to come on board. When I was first approached, I was told all of the lovely names that were already attached, and that was incredibly intimidating. I was sent the script, and it’s not that often you read something and you instantly … I felt like I knew Ma. I felt like I recognized my own mother in her but also many other women that I knew from Ireland. And also the subject matter. There have been so many films made about Northern Ireland that deal with the politics or the ideology, and of course, there’s a place for that, and they’re vastly important. There was nothing that I’d read before that focused on everyday people and with such compassion and with such empathy, so I was just blown away.
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admin | Jan 24, 2022
‘I got really lucky’: Caitríona Balfe, star of Belfast, on fame, family and fans

Caitríona Balfe is the luminous star of Kenneth Branagh’s Oscar-tipped Belfast. She talks about how modelling almost broke her, bonding on set with Judi Dench and her childhood during the Troubles

Caitríona Balfe can remember the exact moment she realised she was done with being a model. It was the mid-2000s and Balfe was 27-ish, she thinks. It had been almost a decade since she’d been scouted in a Dublin supermarket while rattling a tin for a multiple sclerosis charity. She had done pretty well, walking in runway shows for Louis Vuitton and Chanel, flitting between Paris, Milan and New York. Balfe and her friends called themselves “the blue-collar models” – they weren’t the 0.1% of supermodels, the household names, but the next rung down.

Now, though, Balfe was in Dallas, doing a well-paid but soulless shoot for a catalogue. After each set-up, a producer would ping a little bell to indicate they needed to fast-change to the next outfit. At her age, in that youth-fixated business, Balfe knew the clock was ticking. She’d handled just about as much blunt rejection as she could take for one lifetime. “The shows were fun and exciting, but with catalogues, you’re just standing there like a clothes horse – literally,” says Balfe. “And you know, ‘This is not what I want to be doing with my life.’

“Modelling does two things,” Balfe continues, with a wry laugh. “It gives you a really, really tough exterior and then a really broken interior. Everyone’s experience is different, but I know my confidence and my self-esteem when I finished was in the toilet. Being in that for so long can leave you pretty messed up for a little bit.”

It’s only a mini-spoiler to mention at this point that things eventually worked out rather well for Balfe, who is now 42. That’s why we’re sitting this morning in early December in a very flash London hotel, sharing a bottle of mineral water that costs only fractionally less than a decent bottle of wine. She is wearing an oversized Lauren Manoogian midi-dress and is the first person I’ve seen make a face mask look glamorous. We now know that, after stopping being a model, Balfe would go on to star in five seasons and counting of Outlander, the wildly popular TV franchise. Later this afternoon she will find out that she has been nominated for a Golden Globe for her luminous performance in Belfast, Kenneth Branagh’s new film. An Oscar nod is presumed (by critics and pretty much everyone else, except Balfe) to follow next month.
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admin | Jan 21, 2022
‘Belfast’ Stars Jamie Dornan And Caitríona Balfe Talk Family, Fame And The Real Meaning of New Film

As regular readers of this, or any, magazine will know, celebrity interviews tend to take place in one of several settings: flatteringly lit private corners of glamorous restaurants, lesser-known neighbourhood cafés, anonymous but lavish hotel suites. Churches? Not so much. But, owing to a turn of events (too tedious to recount here), it is in a chilly modern chapel in a north London church, sitting on cumbersome wooden chairs with hefty leather-bound Bibles tucked beneath them, that Caitríona Balfe and Jamie Dornan find themselves for their interview with Vogue.

Inevitably, talk turns very quickly to religion. “It’s just not for me,” says Dornan, 39, those deep, nonchalant Belfast tones instantly recognisable. He is leaning back in his chair, a teabag stewing in the takeaway cup in his hand. “Whatever you feel you need, whatever helps you,” he continues. “I just never felt like I needed religion to tell me to treat people well.”

“I see the value in terms of, like, community,” interjects Balfe, 42, the daughter of a Catholic marriage counsellor mother, in her soft, lyrical Irish accent. “But it’s the organised sort of hypocrisy of it all that kind of gets me…”

It’s a somewhat intense, though not wholly unfitting, place to discuss the actors’ upcoming project, Belfast, Kenneth Branagh’s semi-autobiographical film about his childhood in Northern Ireland’s capital at the outset of the Troubles in August 1969. Balfe and Dornan play Ma and Pa, the parents of nine-year-old Buddy (based on Branagh), who, as violence descends on their street, blowing up their tight-knit community of Protestant and Catholic neighbours, are faced with an agonising decision: do they leave everything they’ve ever known and move to England? Or do they stay and take their chances?

Shot in richly atmospheric black and white (an homage to Henri Cartier-Bresson, says Branagh), it is a deeply evocative film, one that has catapulted all involved – Branagh, Dornan, Balfe, alongside Ciarán Hinds and Judi Dench, and spellbinding young newcomer Jude Hill – to the forefront of every awards conversation going.
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